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Definition of Energy - Forms of Energy

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Everything is constructed of the same thing: Energy

Consequently, all we are is only energy

All existence is by definition: Energy

Consequently, life is only energy


Energy and reality are inseparable as well as indistinguishable.

Reality, existence and energy are synonymous.



What does it have to do with Happiness?


Existence may seem a paradox to us because we do not understand its basic nature, not because its basic nature cannot be understood.


The concept of energy and its transformations explains and predicts all natural phenomena. Including, of course, us!

Innumerable scientific discoveries, particularly in Quantum Physics, have proved that the corporeal stuff we call matter and to which all physicists since Newton have attributed an innate mass is an illusion!

Einstein's famous equation. E=mc˛, is simply a recipe for the amount of energy necessary to create the appearance of mass, of matter. It means that there are not two fundamental physical entities - something material and another immaterial - but only one: energy.

Everything in our world, everything we hold in your hand, no matter how dense, how heavy, how large, on its fundamental level is nothing else than a collection of electric charges interacting with a background sea of electro-magnetic forces.

Mass, matter, is not equivalent to energy; mass, matter is energy.

One of the most important aspects of energy, of energy waves, is that they are encoded and carries information. All is interconnected by energy waves, which are spread out through time and space and carry on to infinity, tying one part of the universe to any other part.

Quantum mechanics has demonstrated that there are no such thing as vacuum, or nothingness. There is no "empty space." all space is bursting with activity, a ceaseless dance of energy waves.


If we understand energy, we understand reality and we understand life with all its transformations.

Mainstream science's definition of energy is: a non-material property or quality capable of causing changes in objects and systems and perform work.

Energy manifest itself in several forms such as heat, mechanical, electrical, magnetic, kinetic (in motion), potential, etc.

Our Science of Happiness, because everything is energy, adds to the above list of forms of energy a very important one in our lives: emotion or emotional energy. A kinetic energy by essence for we have defined e-motion as "energy in motion."

The Science of Happiness also adds another non-material property or quality to the definition of energy. Energy is conscious!

I clearly understand a more detailed explanation for assigning this property to energy may be required for many. I assure you it will be given in the segment we talk about consciousness but, for the purpose of this particular section allow me to assert it, based solely on above premise that everything existing is only energy and recognizing the existence of something called consciousness.


Consciousness IS Energy - Energy IS Conscious.

As soon as you start to grasp how tremendous, significant and important this attribute of energy is; whole new dimensions of understanding, new meanings of life, new levels of wonder and admiration will open to you and you'll discover extraordinary facts previously ignored that were lying just underneath the surface of your everyday world. This new perspective of energy will take you to an irresistible and revelatory journey to new and extraordinary layers of reality.

This influential and essential attribute gives energy abilities to self-regulate, self direct and self-transform while providing surprising new meaning and sense to the whole existence.

The definition of energy implies the notion of power, which is the rate or strength at which work is done. Energy, as we all know, can manifest and express on innumerable levels of strength or power.

What makes one expression of energy have more power than other expression? The intensity or speed of its frequency. The speed of its wave. How fast it oscillates. Nothing else.

The higher its frequency, the more powerful energy becomes.

Scientists call Electromagnetic Energy Spectrum the scale of energy frequencies, from the lowest energy level to the highest.

Low energy has low frequency and long wavelength. High energy has high frequency and short wavelength


Energy Spectrum

Electromagnetic Energy Spectrum


You can notice in this chart how Sound Energy is extremely weak compared to the ultra-powerful Gamma Ray Energy.  The only difference is frequency.


Higher frequency implies higher energy.

Higher energy implies higher consciousness.

Let's do the following experiment.

Imagine you have a box with certain number of units of energy, certain amount of energy, in particles or wave energy. The box is closed. Nothing can go in or out.

Obeying one of the most known laws of our universe called the first law of thermodynamic, which states: energy can be neither created nor destroyed.

How can we increase energy "power"  inside our box if nothing more can come in and energy can not be created?

All we have to do is increase its frequency. Same amount of "units of energy" may have an infinite levels of power by just increasing and increasing and increasing its frequency.

It makes no difference how many "unit of energy" are available at any given time because increasing the frequency high enough any quantity of units have an infinite power potential.


It's not "amount" of energy what's important but the frequency it has.

This takes us to a fascinating conclusion.

Imagine now that YOU ARE the box.

You have been created, formed and structured with a certain amount of units of energy, particles and wave energy. That is your energy and your energy is you. Some are used as physical body, some for thinking, and almost all of them to manifest as emotion because this kinetic energy feeds all other with life's thrust and vitality.

Like the box, you cannot add nor create more units of energy within you, but that's OK for you don't need to. All you can do and must do to increase your power, your intelligence, your "feeling good" sensations, your life's vitality and thrust, etc. IS TO INCREASE YOUR FREQUENCY.

Best of all, you'll increase your level of Consciousness, by our definition of energy.

When we are happy, we access parts of our minds that are unavailable to us when we are not happy.”  - Bob Nozik, MD


Increasing frequency you'll be more Conscious.

Consciousness and Happiness go together

Adding conscious to the definition of energy you see why you'll become more aware, more perceptive, more able to solve problems, to understand more, to love more, to feel better, more in harmony with the universe. In other words: more Happy!

I recall an expression which applies here: Everything has already be given to us, all we have to do is increase our capacity to receive it.

All our units of energy have been given, let's just increase our emotional frequency and express our full potential.

There is no more direct way.

All you need to live in Authentic Happiness is learn to increase the frequency of your energy, of your emotions, at any NOW moment in time.

You don't have to wait until tomorrow to be happy. You can be happy right now by self-generating the right emotional energetic frequency. This is what causes happiness.

Adding the attribute "conscious" to the definition of energy will help understand many other thing about life and the universe.

The formula for constant authentic happiness consist of just ONE STEP:

Increase your frequency!

Increasing your frequency will increase you consciousness, change your behavior, increase your creative power, and you'll live an exceptional life.

This sounds so amazingly simple. It is! - Yet so devastatingly effective and, it's doable!

You are NOT at the seemingly mercy of your emotions over which it appears you have no control.

Yes, emotion control is in your hands.
Yes, You can set your emotion in motion.
Yes, Emotion regulation is one of your natural abilities.
Yes, You can handle your own energy.
Yes, You can feel happiness NOW!


 How can I increase my frequency?


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