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Finding Happiness - The Road Map

To find something you are looking for you have to know exactly what it is, where it is, and how to recognize it.

"If you don't know where you are going, you'll never get there"

Finding Authentic Happiness The Correct Way

We all know how it "feels" when we are happy but, we don't really know what happiness is. Here you will learn exactly what happiness is.

This graphical flowchart for "finding happiness" presents a suggested order in which the different materials in this web site should be covered to have a good idea of the, up to know, elusive subject of happiness.

1- What is Happiness? 

4- Human Emotions

7- Purpose of Life

2- What is Emotion? 5- Meaning of Happiness 8- Key to Happiness
3- What is Energy? 6- Human Behavior     Happiness Jokes!
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Once you understand exactly what happiness really is, you will be delightedly surprised to see that happiness is, and has always been, right at your finger tips!

Finding happiness and enjoying it is much simpler and doable than you probably ever thought.

 See: The Exact Definition of Happiness (pop up window)


Links Explained

1 Definition of Happiness
What is Happiness? - Finally Found! - The exact scientific definition of authentic Happiness as conscious subjective experience of an emotion.



What is Emotion? - What role does emotion play?
What is Emotion? - What role does emotion play? - Emotions can be accurately considered to be the thrust, the drive, the vitality of the energy of life.



What is Energy? - Forms of Energy
Definition of Energy - Energy and reality are inseparable as well as indistinguishable. Reality, existence and energy are synonymous. Emotions are key for finding happiness.



Human Emotions - Human Emotional Chart
This list of emotions, or human emotional scale, plots the descending spiral of life from full vitality of the energy of life down to death. From extreme apathy to authentic happiness.



The Meaning of Happiness
What is the Meaning of Finding Happiness?, What are the significant qualities, intentions, implications and significance of authentic happiness in our lives?



Human Behavior - The Science of Happiness
The Science of Happiness studies energy expressed as emotion and feeling of Happiness and all that derives from the nature of this energy and force.



The Purpose of Life
The purpose of Life is the eternal creation and expansion of new realities and experiences - and so its Yours.



Keys to Happiness - Is there any?
Are there any keys to finding authentic happiness, any happiness principle, any secret to happiness? Yes! And we can know all about it!

Just for fun! - Happiness Jokes & Cartoons
Authentic happiness can also be funny! - Some jokes and cartoons about happiness.


Your happiness should be the most important thing to considering in examining your own life.


Finding Authentic Happiness' formula consist of just ONE STEP:

Increase your frequency!

Increasing your frequency will change your behavior, increase your creative power, and you'll live an exceptional life.

This sounds so amazingly simple. It is! - Yet so devastatingly effective and, it's doable!


You are NOT at the seemingly mercy of your emotions over which it appears you have no control.

Yes, emotion control is in your hands.
Yes, You can set your emotion in motion.
Yes, Emotion regulation is one of your natural abilities.
Yes, You can handle your own energy.
Yes, You can feel happiness NOW!
There is only one question left...

How can I increase my frequency?

Or, you may go to:

What is Emotion?

What is Energy?

The Purpose of Life

The Meaning of Happiness

The Science of Happiness

The Psychology of Happiness



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