Why happiness is not

the purpose of life?


(See: purpose of life, happiness, emotion, energy )


By definition we know:




 is something set as an end to be attained.



 is the end toward which effort is directed.

Do you really think Hitler's life purpose was to be happy?

Or, was his goal to exert absolute control over German population with clear intention to extend his dominion to the whole world?

Wasn't his 'way of life' to spread fear and terror in order to fulfill his life's purpose of satisfying his ambition for absolute power regardless of disastrous consequences to mankind?

Do you think he exterminated 9 million people to find true happiness? Or worse, that by doing so he was so very happy that was able to attain some glorious state of Nirvana to finally see heavenly lights and kill himself?

What about the genocidal activity in the former Yugoslavia, euphemistically termed "ethnic cleansing?" Was that motivated by the perpetrators' uncanny desire to be happy?

More close to home: Do you think your serial killer neighbor or your full-of-hate friend, do what they do with such life long perseverance so they can be happy?

Or they do it to satisfy their sick, morbid, vicious and sadistic desire to feel powerful, to feel in control and to be feared, all motivated by his unsupportable sense of personal worthlessness?

Do you really think this killer, this hating friend, find true happiness when they achieve their goals and fulfill their life's purpose?

If you answer yes to any of above 'are they happy?' questions then, you are: either Hitler, a former Yugoslavian war criminal a serial killer or full-of-hate, and you know you are everything but happy or, you simply don't have the slightest idea what happiness is.


The Purpose of life is the eternal creation and expansion of new realities and experiences.


Read again the statement above.

Hitler did exactly that, it was done in Yugoslavia, the serial killer does it, as well as your full-of-hate friend!

But, all of them created atrocious realities and horrifying experiences.

An intrinsic characteristic of life is our freedom to use our  Free Will Choice  to direct our energies in any manner, direction and form we may possible desire to create and expand our reality and experience, and any chosen action, any use of our energy, has a reciprocity of energy balancing, a consequence. - The basic law of cause and effect.  "You reap what you saw."

We all have to fulfill life's purpose and we all are free to chose how and in what direction our life' energy is going to be used. It's up to each one of us to decide what realities we are going to create and what experiences we want to have. We will reap what we saw.

The inescapable purpose of life is creation. To create in a state of happiness or to create in a state of anguish is our choice, and we will reap back, accordingly, happiness or anguish, whichever quality of energy we infused into our creations.

Life energy destroys or constructs, both are creation.

Create with horror and you will produce only bad, horrific things for everybody to experience.

Create with happiness and you will produce only happy creations which are good  for everyone to experience.

Happiness is not the purpose of life, happiness only adds high-quality to our creations and experiences.

All humanity has to fulfill the purpose of life but, if you think all people on earth are looking for happiness, think again.

(See: purpose of life, happiness, emotion, energy )

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