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The Meaning of Happiness

What are the significant qualities, intentions, implications and significance of happiness in our lives?


Why being happy is better that being un-happy?


One's state of happiness or unhappiness colors everything in our lives.

So, What is the meaning of happiness?

People who are happy perceive the world as safer, feel more confidents, make decisions more easily, rate job applicants more favorably, are more cooperative and tolerant, and live a more healthier and more energized and satisfied lives. (Pressman & Cohen's study, 2005)

When your mood is gloomy and your thinking preoccupied, life as a whole seems depressing and meaningless.

People has a great tendency to be helpful when in a good mode. This has been called by psychologists the: feel-good, do-good phenomena. In study after study, a mood-boosting experience has made people more likely to give money, pick up someone's dropped papers, volunteer more time, and do other good deeds as random act of kindness.


Happiness doesn't just feel good, it does good.

The happier you are your mood brighten, your thinking broadens and become more playful and creative, notably increasing your "ability to survive" by being more able to solve problems easier.

The meaning of happiness? It does good.

In one study (Harker & Keltner, 2001), which surveyed thousands of college students in 1976 and restudied them at age 37, happy students had gone on to earn significant more money than their less happy peers.

John Cacioppo and his collaborators (2008) noted that more happiness produced greater income. Today's happiness predicted tomorrow's income better than today's income predicted tomorrow's happiness.

Which matches other studies showing though buying power has almost tripled since 1950s, average American citizens reported happiness has remain almost unchanged. (National opinion Research Center)

Individual's happiness not only has an inherent value but have positive spillover benefits for the society as a whole.


Happiness is an indicator of our survival potential.

The Goal of Life can be considered to be infinite survival. Man, as a life form, can be demonstrated to obey in all his actions the one command: Survive!

In previous pages we defined the purpose of life as the eternal creation of new realities and experiences, in order to fulfill its goal of infinite survival.

It is not a new thought that man is surviving, It is a new perspective that man is motivated only by survival. This does not mean that every attempt to survive is successful.

Man has to have a very powerful creative power to solve problems of survival caused by environment, mutations, and many other things that work against this survival impulse.

There are no existing life forms which lack solution to these problems developing abilities which not always are successful.

This drive through existence for survival is dynamic and changing. We call this urge to survive, this survival potential:  "life-impulse."


See: List of Human Emotions


The strength or power of our "life impulse" to survive is determined by our emotional level of happiness.


See: What is Emotion? and What is Energy?

Happiness - Our life-impulse to survive.

The meaning of happiness? It indicates our ability to survive!

As this life impulse is cut back or affected by other influences - other people and the regular suppressors of life, such as the absence of food, clothing and shelter, this impulse can become more and more weak until is headed toward death, or succumb, exactly in the opposite direction that it should go.

A close analysis of this life-impulse reveals that there are actually eight directions or eight manifestations of this basic thrust to survive.


First life-impulse: is the urge toward survival as one's self. It is the impulse to attain the highest level of survival for the longest possible time of our individual self.
Second life-impulse: is the urge toward existence as a future generation with includes sexuality and our children.
Third life-impulse: is the urge of survive as a group, with the individual himself furnishing this motivation. Any group is part of this third life impulse.
Fourth life-impulse: is survival through man as a species. All races of man (groups) can be considered together the fourth survival impulse.
Fifth life-impulse: is represented by the urge to survive as any and all living things, whether animal, vegetable, anything directly motivated by life.
Sixth life-impulse: is the urge toward existence of the physical universe, as a whole, as matter and energy.
Seventh life-impulse: is the urge toward existence as spiritual entity, separated from the physical universe and as the source of life itself.
Eighth life-impulse: is the urge toward existence as the Infinite, Divine and Eternal.


When a person has a very low level of happiness her life-impulse is only centered in the first area: survival of self.

As the level of happiness increases the person concerns goes toward the second area: family and children, then works on the third level: survival as a group, after that: for all mankind, and so on.

When a person has increased her emotional frequency to the highest levels of happiness his concern points toward the whole infinite and eternal existence of All-That-Is. Infinite Survival; this is the meaning of happiness.

Those highest states of happiness correspond to the highest states of consciousness, usually referred to as: Enlightenment, Nirvana, Krist Consciousness, etc.

Eric Fromm said it well: "Happiness is the criterion of excellence in the art of living."


The happier one is, the better for everybody else!

This is the meaning of happiness.


The higher our level of happiness the more useful we become for ourselves, for our family, for our group, for mankind, for all living things, and for the universe in its totality. This is the meaning of happiness.

It's not that you have to become enlightened to do the right things. It's all the way around. Turn your light on so you can clearly see what are the right things to do!


Increase you emotional energy frequency and your abilities to survive will soar.

This is the meaning of happiness.

See: What is My Life Purpose? and Purpose Driven Life


Increasing your frequency will change your behavior, increase your creative power, and you'll live an exceptional life.

This sounds so amazingly simple. It is! - Yet so devastatingly effective and, it's doable!

You are NOT at the seemingly mercy of your emotions over which it appears you have no control.

Yes, emotion control is in your hands.
Yes, You can set your emotion in motion.
Yes, Emotion regulation is one of your natural abilities.
Yes, You can handle your own energy.
Yes, You can feel happiness NOW!


  Now that you know the meaning of happiness, there is only one question left...

How can I increase my frequency?


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