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What is My Life Purpose?

My purpose in life cannot be other than the purpose of life itself.
What is my life purpose? - What is your life purpose?

The constant creation and expansion of new realities and experiences.

Let's first clarify the following definitions as are used here:


Something set as an end to be attained inextricable. Purpose serves to change the state of conditions in a given system or environment.

Goal.......... The end toward which effort is directed. A projected state of affairs that a person or a system, compelled by its purpose, plans or intends to achieve through action.

To avoid possible misunderstandings in how the terminology is used, here is my established sequence as relative seniority of actions to be carried out to produce desired change and its accomplishment. This will allow to respond to the question: What is my life purpose? What is your life purpose?

Allow me an example about purpose in life:

A pilots' purpose in life can be considered to drive, guide and direct an airplane while he cannot escape from the characteristics, design and specification of the airplane he/she is piloting.

A pilot's action, based on his own purpose in life, is conditioned and restricted to the airplane's purpose, which is to fly through the air transporting things and people from one place to another. All a pilot can do is change the direction, the destination, the speed, when to use the plane, etc. But his purpose is the same: Fly through the air, using an airplane, transporting things and people from one place to another.

Pilot and airplane have the same intrinsic purpose. Fly through the air from one place to another.

The pilot controls the use of the airplane, the airplane controls how the pilot can use it.

If the pilot don't use the airplane, the airplane is purposeless. If the airplane doesn't work, the pilot is purposeless.

Only when pilot and airplane are combined, both can have a clear, common and unique, purpose.

Pilots can exist because airplanes exist. Airplanes can exists because there are pilots. One can not exist without the other.

The pilot, then, has one, and only one purpose: To fly airplanes. If he doesn't' do that, he simply is not a pilot.

Within that only purpose the pilot also has, by his choosing, countless goals that he can change, pursuit, envision and act upon however and whenever he wants.

  • One day he may have the goal to fly as high as possible.

  • Another day he may have the goal to fly as fast as possible.

  • He may set his goal to go from New York to Hong Kong carrying cargo.

  • Other day he may decide to take passengers from Los Angeles to Calcutta.

  • And so on...

It's exactly the same with all of us in our lives. Life exists and we live a life.

My purpose in life, your purpose in life, the purpose of human life is, therefore, inextricable linked to life's purpose.

And just like the pilot has to obey the design and conditions - "the laws and rules" - of the airplane, so we cannot do anything but obey the laws and rules of life, of existence itself.

When we find life's purpose we find our purpose in life. Our Purpose Driven Life.

See: The Purpose of Life.


We all have the same purpose in life!

We all have the same purpose in life! Because life itself has one and only one purpose.

But, like the pilot, each one of us has as many and varied goals as we want. They are limited only by our imagination, desires and creativity.

In our section The Purpose of Life we reached the following conclusion:

Everything that exist is energy. The fabric of the cosmos is energy. The primal substance is energy.

The universe exist, therefore is energy.

Existence exist, therefore all existing things are energy.

Life exist, life is energy.

We exist, we are energy.

Everyday new discoveries are unlocking the mysterious and mind-blowing place we call the Universe; an endless expanding energetic existence manifested as time, space and matter.

The dynamic of existence never stops, it never rests. It is invariably and relentlessly dancing, moving and changing its form, shape and expression while its energetic quality, quantity and content is invariable, immutable and always present.

Energy cannot be created nor destroyed. It remains eternally the same. This is one of the most fundamental Natural Laws.

That's Existence. That's the Universe, That's the Cosmos. That's is life. That's is you and me.


The purpose of life.

Life’s purpose is the eternal creation and expansion of new realities and experiences.


Destroying is also a creation of new realities and experiences. He who creates a building creates a new reality, a new experience.

He who destroys a building, also creates a new reality and a new experience.

Since our purpose in life is inextricable linked to life's purpose; our individual life purpose cannot be other than the purpose of life itself, therefore:


My purpose in life and Your purpose in life.

OUR ONLY PURPOSE in life cannot be other but to constantly create and expand our own reality and experiences.


Just like water cannot avoid being wet because that’s its nature, so life - that is, you - cannot avoid creating, changing and expanding, because that is your nature.

Doesn't the always changing sequence of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual experiences make up your existence? Your life? You?

Life's purpose, and our life-purpose, is at all times present and expressing its intention of perpetual motion and eternal existence of the Cosmic Order.

Our life, our existence, is everything but static. We are always in a state of "becoming."  We are at all times, invariably and relentlessly, fulfilling our life purpose. It matters not if we are aware of it or not.


Our goals in life.

What are the ends toward which the constant and inevitable creation and expansion efforts of our life purpose is directed to?

What projected state of affairs you, as a living entity, plan or intend to achieve through your unstoppable impulse to express creation?

What new expansions of realities and experiences are you fond and inclined to manifest?

What co-creative effort is your role in your life?

Those are your goals in life. They are unique and different for each one of us.

You have only one purpose in life with infinite choices for action in goals, projects, programs or plans for new creations and new experiences.

Nature has bestow us the power to create. How we apply this power and in what direction is entirely up to each one of us.

Our goals, projects, programs or plans can be changed at any time.

You'll certainly notice that goals, projects, plans or programs you have when you are 7 years old are different from goals, projects, plans or programs you have when you are 30 years old.

We can change our goals daily if we wish to do so. Our flexibility is absolute. We can choose how we want to express our creations whenever we want. But, we cannot stop creating new realities and experiences.

Our Free Will Choice is allowed even if that choice leads to destruction and damage instead of construction and betterment. But, there will always be the dynamic of consequence to chosen action - "You will reap what you sow" - as the temperance to Free Will Choice, for whatever you do, inevitably, influences and effects everything else.

That is the purpose of human life. Your life is always a Purpose Driven Life!

When is our ability to create at its maximum power and efficiency? When can we be more clear about how to use that power? How to direct it and towards what?

When our emotional life-impulse energy is weak and with very low frequency? Or when our emotional life-impulse energy is very high in force and frequency?

When we feel very sad and depressed? Or when we feel enthusiastic and very alive?

When we feel very happy or when we feel very depressed? (See: Emotions Frequency Scale)

When are we more energized and willing to carry out our life purpose?

Happiness is our best tool and resource to fulfill my life purpose and your life purpose to a maximum.

Happiness is our best allied for a fulfilled life. See: Purpose Driven Life.

Whatever we do in life we do it to fulfill our only true life purpose, any goal we may have is aligned with our life purpose, and the best way to achieve it is:

1) Understanding the creation and expansion process.

2) Learning how we can better and more effectively create (you'll become aware why creating while you are happy is much, much effective and powerful than creating while you are sad) and,

3) Paying close attention to recognize which things we should create for us and for others so we all can be served in the highest order of our collective best interests. (It’s here where our extraordinary free will plays a key role.)

How does the Creation Process work?

How can we best execute our life purpose?

When we understand all of life, and its very essence, there is no situation which cannot be resolved.

To understand this we better get to know a little bit about:


The Nature of Reality and Existence.


Or, you may go to:

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How can I increase my frequency?


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