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The Purpose of Life is not Happiness

The purpose of Life is the eternal creation and expansion of new realities and experiences - and so it is Yours.

Let's first clarify the following definitions as are used here:


Something set as an end to be attained inextricable. Purpose serves to change the state of conditions in a given system or environment.

Goal.......... The end toward which effort is directed. A projected state of affairs that a person or a system, compelled by its purpose, plans or intends to achieve through action.
Pursuit..... an activity that one engages in as a vocation, profession or avocation. To chase something.
Happiness is not the goal or purpose of Life
or something you have to pursue.
                  WHY NOT? (why? pop up window)

Just imagine for a moment you have reached ultimate state of happiness – the Eternal Bliss, Joy, Nirvana or the Ultra-Consciousness of Source as many may phrase it. Then what? Would you just sit there and enjoy it? Spend eternity in a contemplative state, like watching forever a beautiful sunset?

Does this "Purpose of Life" excites you? Is it something you are eager to reach for? I don’t think so.

Personally, I think it would be very nice for 10, maybe 20 minutes, top. After that, I'll jump into the "create something" wagon.

Happiness is not the purpose of life. - I'm sorry Aristotle, you were great, but you are wrong here.

Life is an eternal and dynamic creation process. The purpose of life is eternal creation.

Life, existence, is a constant activity towards new creations. New stars are created and transform every day, the whole universe is constantly changing, expanding, reaching out and manifesting new expressions of reality and forms. Even atoms constantly seek to become part of new organizations of structure and meaning.

Look at your own life process. Aren’t you always creating, making, inventing or producing something? – Good or bad things; you are still creating - Do you notice your deep abiding impetus to use your abilities fully, to expand your capacities, to venture beyond the seemingly barriers of your own experience? To discover new worlds? To understand new mysteries?

Doesn't the always changing sequence of physical, mental and spiritual experiences make up your existence?

Life, existence, is everything but static. It's always "becoming."


The purpose of life.

Life’s purpose is the eternal creation and expansion of new realities and experiences.

Source Itself, God, The Infinite Intelligence, Nature, or however you want to call It, is constantly manifesting new realities and experiences through an amazing, staggering and mind-blowing dance of creativity, innovation and beauty.

Now, let me ask you this: When is your creating power or desire to experience new things more intense? When you are depressed or when you are very happy? When you are in pain, sad or in apathy, or when enthusiasm, joy and zeal infuse your heart?

Life’s purpose of creation is always present but, the quality of the underling energy which sustains life’s creative power can be very different at any given moment.

Sadness, apathy, enthusiasm, happiness, etc. are different emotions, different qualities and intensities of energy which determine the type of results of our life’s creative power.

Again: The Purpose of Life is the eternal creation and expansion of new realities and experiences.



Happiness is NOT the goal or purpose of life.

          (why? pop up window)

Happiness is not an end to be attained (purpose). Happiness is not an end toward which effort is directed (goal). Happiness is not something one has to chase or an activity one engages in as a vocation. (pursuit)

You create realities and experiences while being very depressed, angry, sad, or you create them while being very happy. You choose.

We all, naturally, rather be happy than sad. We all desire more to be strong and alive than to be weak and almost dead.

Happiness is just a particular type of emotion we can express or not express at any single moment of life.

Happiness is a natural emotional result of having the appropriate knowledge and applying it correctly through specific actions which will cause, inevitably, the desired effect.

So, What is emotion?

Because our life purpose is creation and expansion of new realities and experiences, and since we all are living lives, we can easily conclude that:


Our purpose in life.

OUR OWN PURPOSE in life cannot be other but to constantly create and expand our own reality and experiences.

Just like water cannot avoid being wet because that’s its nature, so life - that is, you - cannot avoid creating, changing, expanding (or contracting), because that is your nature.

See: What is My Life Purpose? and Purpose Driven Life

Therefore, whatever we do in life we do it to fulfill our only true purpose, any goal we may have is aligned with our life's unique purpose, and the best way to achieve it is:

1) Understanding the creation and expansion process.

2) Learning how we can better and more effectively create (you'll become aware why creating while you are happy is much, much effective and powerful than creating while you are sad) and,

3) Paying close attention to recognize which things we should create for us and for others so we all can be served in the highest order of our collective best interests. (It’s here where our extraordinary free will plays a key role.)

How does the Creation Process work?

To understand this we better get to know a little bit about:


The Nature of Reality and Existence.


Or, you may go to:

What is Emotion?

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How can I increase my frequency?


As a personal note I may point out with all due respect, that for me, saying the purpose of life is happiness has the same value as saying the purpose of life is to drink coca-cola.

I'm almost certain something was "lost in translation" from the work of great thinkers like Aristotle, Buddha, and others who seem to imply happiness as main life's purpose or goal. If that's not the case I have to simply say: They were wrong.


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