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The Science of Happiness


This Science of Happiness studies energy expressed as the emotion and feeling of happiness and all that derives from the nature of this energy and force.


Is Happyology really a Science?


      What is science? (pop up window)

It is well known an accepted fact that energy is the primal and unique substance composing everything that exist. All sciences, attempting to understand the universe, study energy in one way or another. Happyology, The Science of Happiness as presented here, studies happiness as an expression of the same unique universal substance. Energy.

As discussed in previous pages, happiness is a range of emotions with different frequencies, qualities and intensities of energy which determine the type of results of our life’s Creative Power. That means, our ability, at any given time, to successfully solve problems of survival.


Happiness as emotional energy

Emotional Energy Spectrum - Emotion Chart



Where is happiness in this emotional scale?

In this emotion chart you can clearly notice "happiness" is not a specific frequency but a whole domain of emotional energy range.

(See: Human Emotion's Chart)

The Science of Happiness, as presented here, clearly shows and concludes that:


Low energy emotion has low frequency and long wavelength. You feel un-happy... very depressed... useless.


High energy emotion has high frequency and short wavelength. You feel happy... very happy... ultra-happy!

You can notice Apathy Energy as extremely weak compared to the ultra-powerful Exhilaration or Serenity Energy, as shows our emotion chart above.

As an individual is found lower and lower on this chart, so is his happiness, his alertness, his consciousness lower and lower.

When a The Science of Happiness says Happiness It's referring to all emotional frequencies found within the Domain of Happiness.

The Science of Happiness means by Creative Power the level of skill or capacity of an individual to use the whole range of human abilities to solve problems of survival, which depends on the willingness to master the emotional energies.

One of the most important conclusion or "discovery" of Happyology - The Science of Happiness - is that the level of happiness, the emotional frequency, that an individual is able to sustain determines its behavior, that is, his actions and responses to challenges in life. The person will be self-responsible and proactive or reactive an totally irresponsible.


Happiness level determines behavior!

The Creative Power (ability for survival) of an individual in life expresses, basically, in the following behaviors depending on emotional energy level (frequency) of the individual:

    High frequency  - vs -  Low frequency
Behavior and Physiology: Fast reaction time, willingness for action, projects execution or no ability to execute.

Medical range:

Non-accident prone and resistance to illnesses or accident and illness prone.

Emotional level: Very high frequency (infinite survival) or very low frequency (near demise).
Sexual behavior: Sublimated to creative thought or promiscuity, perversion, sadism, etc.
Command over environment: High self mastery or no control over surrounding and destroys environment.
Ethics level: Bases ethics on reason and wisdom or deviously dishonest and nonexistent ethical values.
Consciousness level: Clearly perceived unity with All-That-Is or hypnotized and unaware of own existence.
Handling of truth: Eager to know it, high concept of truth or vicious perversion of truth and blatant lying.
Reality: Accept different viewpoints to broaden own reality or no reality, accepting only reality of others.
Persistence: High creative persistence to benefit all or persistence toward destruction of self and others.
Likeness level: Loves and is loved by many or not liked and only pitied by some.
Handling of others: Gains support by enthusiasm backed by reason or lies and nullifies others to control them.
Potential success: Excellent or complete failure.

Our Science of Happiness also indicates how individual's chronic attitude toward existence declines in direct ratio of lowering the emotional energy, the frequency level, of his own being.

(See: Human Behavior pop up window)

The level of emotional energy or happiness can evaluate precisely human behavior and predict what a person will do and how the person will do it.

Another important conclusion of our Science of Happiness is that you can increase - directly and immediately - your level of happiness but increasing the frequency of your own being. The beauty of it all is you can do it anywhere, anytime and wherever you are regardless of what you are doing or which conditions are present in your life and your environment.

Being happy is not something that people simply wish or want. In our Science of Happiness it is an emotional level we all need to be in order to experience and express fully our true potential, our maximum survival fitness and our true nature as human being. It's our birthright.

Happyology - The Science of Happiness - goes to the heart of the issue. We are all energy, we repair our life using energy. We transform our own energies to create any effect we desire. That is really amazing! That is really powerful! That is pure simplicity! That is pure beauty!


Happiness, as everything else, is energy.

The Science of Happiness studies energy expressed as the emotion and feeling of Happiness and all that derives from the nature of this energy and force.


The Exact Definition of Happiness (pop up window)

There are many procedures, steps, keys, courses and formulas presented by many valuable people to help us all live a happier life. I respect and admire all of them for their sense of responsibility, their interest in helping others and their desire of making this world a better place.

See Other methods to find happiness (pop up window)

Let me tell you something: ALL OF THOSE SYSTEMS WORK!

But they are not even close as effective as our perspective of handling frequencies of emotional energy directly with frequencies of emotional energy!

All suggested steps, methods or formulas will help you feel better with yourself and your life. All of them will cause benefit by increasing in ourselves a sense of wellbeing that we all need so much. See: The Psychology of Happiness Positive Psychology and The Failure of Psychology.


I'll say it again: All of those other methods work.

Why? Because you either handle your own frequencies of energy or something else will handle it for you.

When you sit quietly contemplating a beautiful sunset you feel a very pleasant sensation, a nice emotion. Right?

Now, if you close your eyes, sit quietly in a room, relax and imagine a beautiful sunset and keep you attention calmly focused on that image inside your mind you will feel the same kind of sensation. It may not be as strong as in the first case but it is there.

In the first case, the energy emanating from the sunset carries within it the frequency of beauty, peace, calm, etc. and you receive it. (Remember, the sunset itself is formed of only energy).

The sunset is actively transmitting its energy and you are passively receiving. It is becoming part of you, just like the food you eat.  The sunset is handling the energy causing an effect in you.

In the second case, when you are creating a sunset in our own mind by handling your own energies, you are transmitting energy with frequencies of peace, beauty, etc.

You transmit and you receive. But also any other person nearby you will, in some degree, also perceive the same frequencies and will feel certain peace. If she look at you she will see a kind of peaceful guy. There is no way she will say: that guy sitting there is really angry.

In this second case, you handled your own energy causing the expected effect.

There is one very important fact to point out from my example.

You first created a "mental image" which then brought up or produced the emotion, right?

With Happyology - The Science of Happiness -you will learn how to can bring up or create the emotion first and then, once the emotional energy is produced you can place over or "superimpose" whatever thought or mental image you want.


Emotions are the vitality of the energy of life.

Remember that emotion is the thrust of the energy of life.

You may think in your house (create the mental image picture) while you are very angry and you can also think about your house while you are very happy.

Same thought, same mental image picture, yet a complete different result in the quality of life you'd be experiencing at that moment. See my point?

While being angry you are prone to destroy your house. Being happy you will only be able to think of ways to improve your house.

Remember that emotional energy carries within it the potentiality of certain types of behavior only. (See: Creative Power table of behavior above).

If you look at "Command over environment" behavior in table above you will see that by being happy your will only have ideas of how to master or control your environment for the benefit of all, but when angry you will only have ideas about how to destroy your surrounding.

The happier you are the better ideas to improve you'll environment you will have. The angrier you are the worst ideas will come to you and the more damage you will produce.

We have to become masters of our emotions for only then we'll be masters of our lives and express our true creative potential for benefit of all.

Any great or spectacular idea supported by a weak energy-emotion becomes destructive.

Any idea, even the simplest one, supported by a powerful, high frequency emotional energy, becomes extremely productive and beneficial because it's in perfect alignment with the true purpose of life and it will never fail.


You are the master of your emotions.

You have to learn The Science of Happiness to master your emotions and live in happiness now. Not tomorrow, not the next hour but NOW.

What causes happiness? The level of frequency of our energies at any given moment in time - for whatever reason or method we increased it - is what causes happiness, is what gives us the "feeling" of happiness.


The key for constant authentic happiness consist of just ONE STEP:

Increase your frequency!

Increasing your frequency will change your behavior, increase your creative power, and you'll live an exceptional life.

This sounds so amazingly simple. It is! - Yet so devastatingly effective and, it's doable!

Our science of happiness does not advocate people to simply be happy, happy, happy all the time which gives the wrong impression happiness would be like being stuck in a unique emotional state without variation.

This is not so, for as we have explained in our section about emotion, happiness represents an extremely wide range - infinite really - of levels of frequencies attainable to human beings which gives an immense variety and fluctuation of emotions throughout all of them and, all of them are pleasurable. (See note at the bottom of: Is Happyology a Science? pop up window)


You are NOT at the seemingly mercy of your emotions over which it appears you have no control.

Yes, emotion control is in your hands.
Yes, You can set your emotion in motion.
Yes, Emotion regulation is one of your natural abilities.
Yes, You can handle your own energy.
Yes, You can feel happiness NOW!


What is Emotion?

What is Energy?

The Purpose of Life

The Meaning of Happiness

 How can I increase my frequency?


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