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What is Emotion? - What Role Does Emotion Play?

Emotions can be accurately considered to be the thrust, the drive, the vitality of the energy of life.

They also determine "behavior" and the capability or potentiality to solve problems for survival.

What is emotion?...  Emotion is e-nergy in motion.

The feeling caused when sensing energy in motion is an emotion.

Just like we perceive the visible range of electromagnetic energy as different colors depending on the speed of its frequency, so we sense and feel different emotions depending on the frequency of energy corresponding to the emotional range.

Every individual is, at any given time, in a particular emotional level -"Emotional Tone" - which reveals the amount or intensity of available driving force, vigor, strength, or capacity for doing work. It denotes his creating power and, therefore, predicts his behavior.

Happiness is an emotion. Feeling an emotion. Feeling energy in motion.

Emotion is E-Motion: Energy-in-Motion, an we can learn to create more enjoyable experiences of E-Motion and sensation by approaching these qualities AS Energy, WITH Energy.

The logical mind brings only �half of the picture�, so you will never understand the true nature of yourselves or your world if you do not put that partial picture together with the other pieces that exist within your emotional content.

The logic of the mind will bring you conclusions, whereas the logic of the emotions will bring you Cognition.


What role does emotion play?

Until now, the concept and components of Emotion has been one of the most controversial topic in psychology and source of intense discussion and disagreement from the earliest philosophers to present day thinkers. (See: Theories of Emotion pop up window)

When a person is in the emotional level we call apathy, behaves in certain way. He becomes careless of others, talks very little or nothing, has strong doubt of own reality, is persistent towards self-destruction, thinks about suicide, cries for pity, shows very little ability for solving problems of survival and is very close to his own demise.

When a person is in the emotional level called anger, behaves as follow: He is blatant and destructive, he is unreasonable, has a brutal sense of humor, can not be trusted, takes the "I am right - you are wrong" stand, uses punishment and alarming lies, he experiences constant failure in surviving.

When a person is in the emotional state of enthusiasm shows intense interest in life, feels high self-worth and respects others, communicates well and accepts exchange of beliefs and ideas to broaden own reality, has an inherent sense of responsibility, finds existence full of pleasure, is highly creative and persistent in action, can be trusted, has elevated reasoning capacity and fast reaction time ensuring an excellent survival potential.

The above mentioned 3 emotional levels, apathy, anger and enthusiasm, correspond to 3 different persons with 3 levels of energy and life vitality, 3 different behaviors and 3 completely different life experiences. Yet those 3 persons may be "doing" the exact same thing in life; selling something to a customer, paying bills, driving a car or just dancing at a party.

They may also, very likely, represent the emotion level and feeling of one single person in 3 different hours of one day! (See: Human Emotions and Behavior pop up window)


What is emotion?

Emotion is our perception of Energy in motion which we recognize as a feeling. Different emotional levels are different energy movement levels called frequency.

Once you are clear what is emotion you can control your emotion and feeling. You can set your emotion in motion. Emotion regulation is one of your natural abilities.

To understand what is emotion and feeling we need to understand energy.

The intense quest during the last three hundred years of scientific discovery gives scientist tantalizing evidence that a single Primal Substance composes all known creation.

The entire universe, in fact, is simply energy, from which everything is manifested and formed. (Including You!)

The apparent difference of one thing from another depends only in the different frequencies patterns (energy moving at different rates, also called wavelength) of this basic component we call energy!

Scientists call Electromagnetic Energy Spectrum the scale of energy frequencies, from the lowest energy level to the highest.

Low energy has low frequency and long wavelength. High energy has high frequency and short wavelength.

You can notice in the chart that Sound Energy is extremely weak compared to the ultra-powerful Gamma Ray Energy.


Energy Spectrum

Electromagnetic Energy Spectrum


We can, similarly, have an Emotional Energy Spectrum (Emotion Chart) with all levels of energetic contents for each emotional frequencies, from the lowest energy level to the highest.

Low energy emotion has low frequency and long wavelength. You feel un-happy... very depressed... useless.

High energy emotion has high frequency and short wavelength. You feel happy... very happy... ultra-happy!


Emotional Spectrum

Emotional Energy Spectrum - Emotion Chart

Click here for more complete list of Human Emotions

What is emotion? What is the definition of emotion? Since everything is energy, emotion is, of course, energy. Different emotions are energies moving at different rates, or frequencies. Every unique emotional frequency we perceive makes us feel a unique sensation. Just like every unique frequency of light we perceive makes us see a unique color.

What is emotion? Is energy in motion.

For centuries artists have known that light creates emotions! Think of a candlelight dinner with the one you love. Now visualize the light on your partners face. That's the essence of the direct effects of electromagnetic energy and emotions!.


Where is happiness? - What Causes Happiness?

In this emotion chart above, which could have the whole list of human emotions, you can clearly notice why "happiness" is not a specific frequency but a whole domain of emotional energy range.

           The Exact Definition of Happiness (pop up window)

You can notice Apathy Energy as extremely weak compared to the ultra-powerful Exhilaration or Serenity Energy as shown in the emotion chart.

The English language abounds in expressions for the emotional frequency domain of happiness. It can be expressed by such linguistics items as �happy�, �cheerful�, �gay�, �glad�, �merry�, �pleased�, �delighted�, �elated�, �jubilant�, �bliss�, �ecstasy�, �euphoria�, �glee�, �joy�, �rapture�, �exult�, 'rejoice'; and  by idiomatic expressions as �walk on air�, �in seventh heaven�, �on cloud nine�, �on top of the world�, �over the moon�, �thrilled to bits�, etc. all of them could be plotted on the emotion chart.

What role does emotion play? The highest the energy-frequency of emotion the better and better you will feel in your life, the more you can create, the better quality of experiences you will have. Since this scale goes up to infinite, the highest states commonly referred by spiritual teachings as Eternal Bliss, Absolute Peace, Infinite Love, God Consciousness, etc. are also included as levels of happiness and are equally attainable.


 The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction, as it is referred to, which has become very popular lately as "The Secret," points out very clearly how "attraction" draws toward us events and circumstances which match the essence of our "feelings" or emotion level, which is another way of saying our "emotional frequency" level.

Our emotions are our life's power and vitality, the "carrier wave" upon which our projected thoughts are sent to create or modify our reality. The more potent our "carrier wave" is, the more quickly and effectively it will affect and transform our reality. - The more happy we are the more "attractive" power we have.

Our happiness level is a direct measurement of our creative and attractive power.



Happiness is not the purpose of life!

You can see now why happiness itself is not the purpose of life. It merely reflects the quality or intensity of life. why? (pop up window)

You can also see there can never be "lack of emotion" - absence of emotion - but only a very low energy emotion.

Again, What is emotion? What role does emotion play? What causes happiness?

The lower your emotional frequency level, less and less creative power you have while feeling worse and worse.

The higher your emotional frequency level, and once in the frequency range of happiness, more and more creative power you will have, better and better you will feel, and the more intensively you will live. - The sky is the limit!

All you need to live in Authentic Happiness is learn to increase the frequency of your energy, of your emotions, at any NOW moment in time.

You don't have to wait until tomorrow to be happy. You can be happy right now by self-generating the right emotion and feeling.

The formula for constant authentic happiness consist of just ONE STEP:

Increase your frequency!

Increasing your frequency will change your behavior, increase your creative power, and you'll live an exceptional life.

This sounds so amazingly simple. It is! - Yet so devastatingly effective and, it's doable!

You are NOT at the seemingly mercy of your emotions over which it appears you have no control.

Yes, emotion control is in your hands.
Yes, You can set your emotion in motion.
Yes, Emotion regulation is one of your natural abilities.
Yes, You can handle your own energy.
Yes, You can feel happiness NOW!


But, What is energy? and How can I increase my frequency?

I'm glad you asked... now we are talking!

Or, you may go to:

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